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Stump Grinding Services:

Get rid of unsightly stumps in your yard with stump grinding.
Stump grinding can improve curb appeal, increase property value, remove hazards, allow proper room to plant new landscaping and reduce insect infestation.
Grinding the stump an average to 6 to 8 inches is enough for resod, install a concrete slab or pavers.
Of course we are ready to do special jobs, doing deeper or sweeping the ground.
The main stump and buttress roots are ground to an average of 4 to 6 inches below grade.

Description of Stump Grinding
The result is a mound of soil and wood shavings that we back-fill into the depression made by the grinding.
MF Stump Grinding operates the cutter head over the stump, grinding away a little at a time.
Due to location and proximity to structures not all stumps are possible to be ground. Although we do our best to get as close as possible.
Once a stump has been ground down all that will remain are the stump grindings or wood shavings. These grindings may be removed for an additional fee.

Root Prunning Or Root Removal

Root pruning is similar to trimming the top of the tree, as it stimulates new, healthier growth. 
Pruning the roots of your tree will help stimulate new root growth.
The new, more tender roots will allow the tree to better absorb nutrients from the soil.
Root pruning also prevents up-lifting of sidewalks, driveways and building structures.

Marcelino Fritz

Who Is Behind Of MF Stump Grinding?

I do ONLY  stump grinding and root removal, and I own the stump grinder, and I'm not renting or subcontracting the job.
I am interested in your project and confident that you will be very satisfied with my job always.
I have a lot of good references and happy customers 
The stump grinder fit in gates 36" wide, my machine will not tear up your grass, it's mounted on rubber wheels not on tracks.

Don't matter how far is the job, I will drive to your house.
I always do the "extra mile" looking for the satisfaction of my customers.


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